Photo of a plane tail emerging from the ground, near Clayton, Idaho

Weekly Gem #286, Tails you win

Published 5/6/2023

Location:  This hidden gem is located between Saturday Mountain and Potaman Peak, near Clayton, ID (see Clue Me! Map).  Cruising highway 75 along the Salmon River. Roll your window down and listen to the water rushing by, the rapids roiling over rocks and logs. Craggy mountains and the wide-open river valley make us feel at ease, we kick our feet up (not really), and ponder the beauty around us.

But then there is something that doesn't fit in the landscape, a feeling of gravity intrudes on the contentment. There on the side of the road is the tail of a plane sticking out of the hill!

It turns out there’s a perfectly logical explanation. A local man actually did crash his plane nearby … and walked away! He installed this piece of roadside "art” to commemorate his squabble with gravity.


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


A tale of a tail


A piece of art that flies by as you're driving along highway 75

Why It's Interesting

This is some public art that you may miss. Even if you see it, you may think you missed it. But you didn't.

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