This cross shoulder bag protects your valuables with layers (and layers) of security.

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The main zipper is under the triangular buttoned-down flap. Inside, there is a Security Pocket. That zipper opens in the opposite direction which makes it almost impossible for Klepto to steal your stuff! AND there is a Security Tether clipping the bag to you in case the shoulder strap is cut.

It’s generally not worth the trouble to try taking something from this satchel, so thieves will look for easier, less fashionable, targets.


Tranquility™ Features:

  • 10" high by 14" wide
  • Pockets! 8 1/2" high by 8" wide Security Pocket, two 8 1/2" high by 14" wide main compartment pockets, 8 1/2" high by 6" wide cell phone pocket, and an 8 1/2" high by 14" wide outside pocket (on the back of the bag)
  • Security Tether
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Cotton poly blend
  • Happily made in the U.S.A.

7 Levels of Protection

Like a sea anemone protecting its clown fish …

130°® Bags provide a haven for your cash, credit cards, passport, and mobile devices.

Tranquility™ 130°® Bag, Protection Level #1

The tailored button-down flap covers the zipper pull. It is a distinct deterrent that insists, “this will take time,” so thieves will give up and turn away.

Tranquility™ Protection Level #2

Inside the Tranquility™, your valuables are safely tucked into a Security Pocket positioned in the back of the bag - next to your body.

Tranquility™ Protection Level #3

The Security Pocket zipper opens from the other side as compared with the main zipper. This means its zipper pull is well protected and difficult for Klepto to spot, and access!

Tranquility™ Protection Level #4

Keep your keys, camera, and tickets handy in the small pocket open pocket (under the "Made in USA" label). You'll only have to open the bag half way for easy access to these belongings. The zippered Security Pocket containing your cash, cards, and passport won't even be made evident!

Tranquility™ Protection Level #5

One technique thieves use is to slice open the front of the bag and grab whatever falls out. Tranquility™ has a divider to foil this plan. Keep your tablet and other valuables safely close to your body, while your water, umbrella and pastry are on the outside. Let them eat cake. ♚

Tranquility™ Protection Level #6

“Secure Your Tether!” Make sure your bag stays attached even after an attempted snatching!

The villain cuts the strap and yanks the bag. The tether keeps your bag attached to you while he runs off empty handed!

Tranquility™ Protection Level #7

“Secure Your Tether!” (again) This will make sure your satchel is always within your peripheral vision!

The risk of being pickpocketed is greater when you shift your bag behind you or even to your side, where you can’t see it.

The Security Tether keeps your bag in the 130° visual “safe zone.” 


The Den is for extra stuff. It is ultra light and strong. It rolls up to the size of a big pickle, and then opens up to the size of a shopping bag!


“UnderThere” is a consistent theme for this devious design!


The Duffletucker protects your electronic information with a lining made of RFID-blocking material. It can be moved to whatever bag, pocket, or pouch you choose.