Photo of a crow sculpture in Bozeman, Montana

Weekly Gem #164 A higher intelligence?

Published 6/30/2018

Location: This hidden gem is near the intersection of W. Babcock and S. Grand, in Bozeman, MT (see Clue Me! map).

Ravens are one of the most intelligent animals, comparing favorably to chimpanzees and dolphins. Ravens have demonstrated the following skills:

Use tools.

Plan ahead, not only using those tools but gathering different tools ahead of time that will be needed for their next project.

Use of non-vocal gestures like pointing with their beak.

Teaching other ravens how to duplicate their discoveries.

Show empathy towards other ravens.

Con (ahem! Make that “convince”) other animals to help them obtain food.

Imitate a variety of sounds to fool us and other animals.

It seems that only a creature with a great memory and marvelous wits could pull all that off!

Ravens skills were noted worldwide by early cultures. Greeks, Norse, Chinese, Native American, and others all depicted ravens as messengers to their deities, with capability to report on everything from advice during battles to briefing gods on events all over the world. It was believed that they could even predict the weather (and even if they couldn’t, how is that any different from today’s humans?)!

When artist Joe Barrington made "Raven the Messenger," he wanted this raven to encourage us to take good care of the environment. He decided that reusing old tires would be a good medium for his message. Let's take care of our beautiful blue dot


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


Tires that could take flight!


Raven the Messenger

Why It's Interesting

Look closely. Joe Barrington made "Raven the Messenger" from steel and old tires.

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