This Duffletucker is an RFID blocking wallet that protects your passport, credit cards and phone.

This Duffletucker can be moved to whatever bag, pocket, or pouch you choose.

It’s generally not worth the trouble to try taking something from this pouch, so thieves will look for easier, less fashionable, targets.


Duffletucker™ Features:

  • Lined with RFID-blocking material
  • Sized just right to hold passports, most phones, credit cards, or anything else with a chip that is accessed by radio frequency
  • Easy open and close that completely envelopes your belongings, blocking RFID seeking scoundrels from all directions
  • Cushion your phone and protect your data with this handsome little pocket
  • Happily made in the U.S.A.    


Be at peace knowing your good stuff is safe with our Tranquility bag!


“UnderThere” is a consistent theme for this devious design!


The Den is for extra stuff. It is ultra light and strong. It rolls up to the size of a big pickle, and then opens up to the size of a shopping bag!