About SkoobLevart®

Fun. Our company began by making journals for travelers - travelbooks if you will - our name is a simple semordnilap. We scatter humor here and there.

Mission: Send pickpockets home empty handed. Accomplished: Our stylish 130°® anti-theft bags have your back. Swish!

We're All In This Together. We'd like to think our blog helps people value and understand each other. Happy Trails!

Clue Me!

Well-known tourist sites garner the attention, while multitudes of fascinating places and facts dwell in obscurity, unseen and underappreciated. With Clue Me!, we aim to change that by bringing historical, cultural, and generally fascinating gems to the fingertips of every traveler worldwide.

We've made a map of the places we've found, many of which have become the inspiration for our Weekly Gem blog posts.

Jump to the beta map by touching here .

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