Photo of a fountain shaped like a book with an interesting water effect, located in Budapest, Hungary.

Weekly Gem #27 A real page turner

Published 6/27/2015

Location: This 'hidden gem' is in Budapest, Hungary, in the Inner City district (see Clue Me! beta ). This is one of those gems that is easy to find, but easier to miss, and which (therefore) most people miss. It's also the type of gem that you can see and enjoy for a few minutes on the way from the Magyar Museum to the corner cafe, and all you need to know is that you zig at Kecskeméti rather than Zag at Ferenczy István. Same amount of time, slightly different route, so you see more in pretty much the same amount of time (and number of steps). 


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


Even water occasionally has to turn over a new leaf.


A fountain shaped like a book with an interesting water effect.

Why It's Interesting

The motion of the water makes it look like a page is turning!


Villainous pickpockets vs. travelers. How can the traveler ever win?!?

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