Photo of "The Audience" sculpture on Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada

Weekly Gem #136 Watching the Watchers

Published 10/1/2017

Location:  This Weekly Gem is located on Rogers Centre, in the entertainment district in Toronto (see the Clue Me! Map).

When Michael Snow's, "The Audience," sculpture was first unveiled, the public didn't really, ah, embrace it. In fact, one Toronto Blue Jay Fan characterized it as a "giant booger." But over the years, fans have grown to love(?) this whimsical and endearing part of Rogers Centre.

Each character has a definite personality! A heckler, an eater, a picture snapper, a noise maker, and others. Which one do you see when you look in the mirror?


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


On your way to be part of an audience in this stadium, YOU are the audience!


"The Audience" sculpture on Rogers Centre (SkyDome).

Why It's Interesting

This sculpture by Michael Snow turns the table on fans going to watch a baseball game or concert. If you look closely, you might find something very familiar about the behavior of one of these sculpture people!

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