Photo of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, near Belle Plaine, Minnesota

(Hallo)Weekly Gem #45 Bring your walking shoes and a serious sweet tooth .... Resistance is futile!

Published 10/31/2015

Location: This 'hidden gem' is between Jordan and Belle Plaine, MN, just off highway 169 (see Clue Me! beta map ). When you see yellow fences, you're getting close ... prepare to make a quick turn into the parking lot, or avoid the turn, whichever suits your degree of willpower at that moment.

Normally, we don't include stores as hidden gems, because our aim with Clue Me! is to uncover neat stuff people can see and do for free. This store is a rare exception, in part because you can see and do for free ... the colors, sights, and aromas make for a delicious experience, and browsing without buying is encouraged. Witch aisle will you walk down next? Is there a ghost of a chance you can escape with nothing in your bag?



Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


On average, Americans eat about 150 pounds of sugar a year.


Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Why It's Interesting

This place isn't open during the winter, but it's worth the wait. When you walk in the door, it's a sight to behold. Candy as far as the eye can see! If you walk from one end to the other and back again, you'll have walked about a quarter of a mile (and used approximately 20 calories.) There's everything from soup to nuts - no, really, they even sell soup in there... and candy, candy, candy.

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