Photo of the Fremont Troll, in Seattle, Washington

Weekly Gem #88 Beware the Autumnal Equinox!

Published 9/25/2016

Location:   This 'hidden gem' is located on N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N. in Fremont, WA (see Clue Me! Map).

Yes, the days are getting shorter. Since trolls turn into stone when they are exposed to sunlight, shorter days are a cause for celebration. During the Autumnal Equinox they tend to party-down at ancient sites. You'll know it's a troll brouhaha because you'll see a bunch of large hairy "people" with extra large hands, feet and noses who will be loudly arguing about pretty much any nonsensical topic you can imagine - a real hullabaloo! Trolls have a reputation for being massive, strong, and hair-raising to look at. If you see one, run. If you are caught, the best way to survive is to tell a clever story or somehow keep the dim-witted troll engaged until the sun comes up.

This troll was inspired by the Norwegian tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff. As you can see, he is wreaking havoc with a Volkswagen Beetle (full size replica under his hand!). They like things that glimmer like gold, jewels ... and shiny car parts. At one time the car in this sculpture was a real Beetle with a time capsule full of Elvis memorabilia. It was vandalized however so now the car is also made of cement.


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.




Fremont Troll

Why It's Interesting

Trolls have been spotted in these parts since 1932. Trolls turn to stone in the sunlight, so we aren't surprised that one got caught when trying to hide under the Aurora Bridge. Okay, actually, this troll isn't "real." In 1990 it was made by Seattle artists Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead. It's 18 feet tall, and took 7 weeks to complete. At one time there was a real Volkswagen beetle under its hand (with a California license plate - a warning to outsiders!)

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