Photo of Hawkeye Point, the highest elevation in Iowa

Weekly Gem #38 A high point of any trip to Iowa

Published 9/12/2015

Location:  This 'hidden gem' is in northwest Iowa, about 3 miles south of Bigelow, MN (see Clue Me! beta map ).  This is a surprisingly interesting 'high point,' in part because the land around Hawkeye Point is topographically challenged.  It's not a hilltop surrounded by other hills that could obscure your view, but rather a very slight convexedness in the curvature of the earth.  As a result, and especially if you climb the tower, you can see a really long distance in all directions.  On a clear day, you may even be able to see a Blue Bunny far to the south.


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Hawkeye Point

Why It's Interesting

Yes, it's the high point of Iowa. Elevation: 1670 ft (510 m) above sea level. After you climb the "summit" you'll be standing on this, the highest spot in Iowa. If you look way, way out into the distance, you can see (the back of your head! Ha ha ha!) a lot of corn.


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