Photo of small buildings dwarfed by nearby skyscrapers in Detroit, Michigan

Weekly Gem #54 Show up 'On Time' to be that much 'Closer to Home'

Published 1/9/2016

Location:   This 'hidden gem' is located in downtown Detroit, Michigan, on Woodward Avenue, in the shadows of just about everything (see the Clue Me! Map ).  This cluster of Vintage skyskrapers from the late 1800s is hemmed in, but seemingly pleased and content as they keep the hulking neighbors at bay.

Among all these very square buildings (Hundertwasser would not be pleased!) is one curve.  The arch you can see extends through the inside of the Grand Trunk building, which was owned by the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.  They sold tickets here, and thought a two-story arched main floor would be much more appropriate for a railroad ticket office than the original blocky interior design.

A little ways down the line, the Grand Trunk Western ran through Flint, Michigan, where there was 'an American band' in need of a name.  They went with a bit of a play on words, and called themselves Grand Funk Railroad.  Two of their early albums were "On Time" and "Closer to Home."


'Vintage' small skyscrapers


A cluster of old buildings that look like they were built around the turn of the century.

Why It's Interesting

The fact that this small cluster of buildings survived while their next door neighbors were all replaced by much taller sky scrapers. They look uncomfortably cramped.


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