Weekly Gem #13 Observe the time

Published 3/8/2015

Location: This 'hidden gem' is near the intersection of Grant and California in downtown San Francisco, CA. (see Clue Me! beta map ). This church was built in the gold rush years. In a clever bit of marketing, there are messages to two distinct audiences on the front wall. A warning to the unscrupulous that they're running out of time, positioned high so it can be seen from far away. And words of comfort to those who are entering the church, a reminder that the Lord has their back when dealing with the vermin and varmints who ignore the first warning.


Son, observe the time and fly from evil.


Old St. Mary's Church

Why It's Interesting

When Old St. Mary's Church opened in 1853, it was the tallest building in California. The bricks were made in New England and took an 18,000 mile journey "around the horn" before arriving in San Francisco. Note the message by the clock aimed at those visiting the area for more unscrupulous reasons.