Third Annual Weekly Gem of the Year. The Finalists, and How to Vote!

Published 12/29/2017


How time flies!  It's time for you to vote for our third annual, Weekly Gem of the Year.  These are great examples of the hidden gems that surround us all. 

The top 6 finalists, the cream of the crop from 2017, have been selected. Voting is easy (but picking your favorite may not be!).  Just go to the surveymonkey poll via the link below, follow the links, and select your favorite.

Here’s an incentive … voters will be thrown into a hat (figuratively speaking) and one will be randomly drawn to win a free UnderThere™ anti-pickpocket security satchel (winner's choice, see , satchels icon, to see satchel details). 

So help out old Skoob! Cast your vote! The deadline is 11:55 pm on New Year’s Eve (so as to not interfere with other festivities). The winner will be announced on New Year's Day, 2018.

See links to each, and vote, here:

In your vote, please consider both parts of each "Weekly Gem" blog post. The second part is the exact hidden gem entry that was added to our Clue Me! map by one of our beta users, which tells why that person thought it a ‘gem.’  The first part of the Weekly Gem is additional commentary by the blog author. Consider the entire blog post, the editorial comments and the original entry, in deciding your vote.

The six Finalists:

Weekly Gem #100 , Not just any old tree

Weekly Gem #101 , Only love can do that

Weekly Gem #115 , A rocky existence for a limber pine

Weekly Gem #119 , For the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves

Weekly Gem #127 , Drifting over poetry

Weekly Gem #140 , A flag raising to remember

You need not provide any identifying info to cast a vote. However,  to be entered into the drawing  for an UnderThere™ anti-pickpocket security satchel,  you will need to provide your email address . One entry by someone who provides their email will be drawn at random as the prize winner.  We will never sell your email address, nor spam you.

Please also enjoy the honorable mention Weekly Gems, all of which are superb.  The honorable mention Weekly Gem titles, and links, are here.

Weekly Gem #102 , Get a nice view of San Francisco, now, and then

Weekly Gem #108 , We’ve found the milestone … now, where are we again?

Weekly Gem #111 , A woman walked into a bar

Weekly Gem #128 , A real run in, with a bear behind!

Weekly Gem #131 , Surround-Sound, Canada style

Weekly Gem #133 , Our earth may be smaller than you think

Weekly Gem #145 , Party, Boston, tonight … bring your scissors!

Happy Trails!

And have a pleasant, safe, and gem-filled 2018!