Photo of Woman light fixture in the short cut series, Seattle, Washington

Weekly Gem #85 A companionable Short Cut

Published 9/3/2016

Location:   This 'hidden gem' is located at the intersection of Western Avenue and the Pike Street Hillclimb in Seattle, WA (see Clue Me! Map).

They say there are no shortcuts to success. Maybe that's true, but there are definitely successful Short Cuts, three of which you can see if you visit this hidden gem. First, this gravity-defying lady is a 'fixture' (ahem) of the very creative and functional Short Cut sculptures. Second, she and her companions reside on the Pike Street Hillclimb, a very well known short cut from the waterfront to Pike Place Market. And third is perhaps the most impressive, which is the lady's short cut from her window to the street, via the pillar.


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


She carries a big round light saber.


Woman light fixture.

Why It's Interesting

This is one of a series of light fixtures called "Short Cut," created by Dan Webb. There are several of them on the Hill Climb stairs between Western Avenue and Pike Street.

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