Photo of The open platform at the top of the Marble Church, from which you see all of Copenhagen, Denmark

Weekly Gem #126 Angelic Gazebo

Published 7/16/2017

Location: This 'hidden gem' is located in the Fredricksgade circle in Copenhagen, Denmark (see the Clue Me! Map). The "Marble Church" (officially Frederick's Church) is a gem that almost didn't happen.

Started in 1749, they were just getting momentum when the lead architect died. The second architect felt the design wasn't grand enough, proposed something far too grand (i.e. radically over budget), and when his own design wasn't approved, pushed the whole project to his back burner. A dozen years later, with almost nothing done and a new king, the plug was pulled. Fast forward 30 years, the decision was made to resume. A new architect produced new plans. Got the go-ahead. Died. The plug was pulled. Fast forward 70 more years. The partially built marble walls were literally a moss and grass-covered ruin. Finally a person who wanted to build houses nearby was given approval to do so on the condition that he also complete Frederick's Church. He finished 20 years later, almost 150 years after the foundation stone was laid.

In the end, the marble church turned out to be beautiful, inside and out. For those who want a unique view of Copenhagen, they can make their way up to the gazebo atop the dome (although access is limited and there is a fee). That is a very interesting climb in itself, working through the inside of the dome (which has quite a number of historical artifacts in view), then up some extremely narrow, steep, and well-worn steps to the top. It is one of the few places where visitors can get a bird's-eye view of the imposing equestrienne statue of Frederik V (standing about 40 feet tall) that is just down the street.

It took a long while, but the result was good.


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


Angelic Gazebo


The open platform at the top of the Marble Church, from which you see all of Copenhagen

Why It's Interesting

Looking at the dome from the inside and outside, you wouldn’t necessarily think there’s a large space inside the dome where people can walk the entire circumference. That large space leads upwards through a series of winding steps that quickly becoming very steep and cramped. The view is spectacular once you reach the top. The space in the dome also has quite a few interesting historical artifacts.

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