Weekly Gem #218 Go Fish!

Published 12/15/2019

Location: This Weekly Gem is located at the intersection of Durston and 19th Avenue in Bozeman, Montana (see the Clue Me! Map).

A formerly drab utility box is now a perfectly designed bit of subliminal inspiration. Perfect for Montana, in any case.

We have a bald eagle providing power, the great blue heron fly fishing, and the stately kingfisher observing the outcome. The only thing this group loves more than fishing is the dinner afterwards. Worst case scenario, they spent time on the lake together.

As cars drive past this strategically located piece of art, there’s undoubtedly an itch in the back of many minds. Time to put some gear on the Christmas list. Then time to get it organized. Then time to go fishing.

Life is good.

And, this formerly drab utility box isn’t limited to inspiring lovers of fishing.

The other sides have biking at various levels of intensity. What could be more exciting than meeting a moose on the singletrack? Without a doubt, the moose gets the right of way! Same with the mountain bluebird, as long as his cabbie is a mother bear.


Here's the hidden gem entry from our Clue Me! map.


Three fisherbuddies ready for dinner.


A mural wrap of a kingfisher, an eagle, and a heron on an electrical traffic control boxes.

Why It's Interesting

The whimsical art on this traffic control box was done by Mimi Matsuda. Be sure to look at all four sides! There are more traffic boxes around town with wraps designed by other local artists. 

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