Pickpocket Repellent Ingredient #8 - Security Pockets!

Preferably a deep, dark recess. And close to your person.

Remember the best way to defeat pickpockets: Stop them from trying! If you give a pickpocket any opening, they will almost always be successful. Chances are they’ll be accessing your credit card before you finish your ice cream.

Ingredient #8 is as easy as falling off the monkey bars. Simply place your good stuff in a Security Pocket or where the filch can’t see it.

The reason this ingredient is so helpful comes down to one word. Lastingness. Interval. Duration. Time.  Pick any one of those words, just don’t pick my pocket. Rummaging around in a satchel to feel for credit cards or the cell phone, all the while taking care to avoid alerting the satchel’s owner, is going to take time. And time is the pickpocket’s greatest enemy.

Place your good stuff into its own Security Pocket. Check our our 130° Bags - they have Security Pockets!