Pickpocket Repellent Ingredient #10 - Secure Your Tether!

Pickpockets have two basic approaches to stealing your hard-earned good stuff … “stealth” vs. “snatch and grab.” Today we vanquish snatch and grab.

While stealth has undeniable appeal for pickpockets who want to operate in a small area indefinitely, it also takes a lot of practice, patience and skill. And the most valuable items in a bag may be too hard to reach.

Enter the snatch and grab thief, using speed and surprise to snatch your bag faster than you can say “PickpocketS uck.” They routinely carry a wire cutter, severing the strap and any reinforcing cable in one quick snip.

To outwit the filch, and keep your good stuff …

Secure Your Tether!

The tether secures your bag to a belt loop or button hole … now it takes two separate snips to cut through both the strap and the tether. More than likely, the thief will cut the shoulder strap, yank it, and run away. They get a handful of rope burn while your bag hangs happily from your belt loop.