Pickpocket Repellent, Ingredient #1 - 130° Bags

"Pick Me."

From a pickpocket's viewpoint, "pick me" is conspicuously emblazoned on pockets, bags and purses of every single traveler. But if you use it, our pickpocket-repellent will dramatically reduce the bull’s eye on you and yours.

Using it is crucial.

Most people think it’s the “other guy” who is at risk, so only take half measures. "I'm too big," or too careful, too this, too that (they think), so the pickpockets will take from someone else.

Guess what? Almost every pickpocket victim was paying attention, was careful, and thought they were safe. Nobody is careful and watchful 100% of the time. Pickpockets only need a few seconds of complacency or distraction to extract your valuables, usually without you ever noticing.

Our pickpocket repellent is designed to protect even when your attention wavers. So go ahead and gawk at the scenery, browse in a market, eat a sandwich on a park bench. Just make sure you apply the repellent, and keep applying it until you get home.

Check out our upcoming ingredients every mid-week for the next couple months. Then mix up some pickpocket repellent, slather it on thick, and shrink that bull's eye on your bag.

Until then, Happy Trails!