SkoobLevart's Pickpocket Repellent

SkoobLevart’s Pickpocket Repellent.  All-natural, chemical-free, easily prepared by any traveler at any time.  It won’t cost you one, thin, dime.

Best of all, it keeps your good stuff in your pocket, not the pickpocket’s.

Like it or not, non-natives are obvious to the local riff raff.  We’re the ones with “Pick Me!” emblazoned on our pockets and purses.

In just about every vacation destination you can imagine, pickpockets are lurking, watching to see whose cash, cards, passports, and mobile devices (containing passwords, credit cards, and a raft of personal information) they will take home tonight.

Pickpockets are like obnoxious mosquitoes, hovering nearby until just the right moment, and then …. “Nope!  That one’s got pickpocket repellent too!!!  Back off and let’s try someone else!”

The best way to avoid pickpockets is to have obvious and visible deterrent.  This is how SkoobLevart's pickpocket repellent can help you.  Follow the recipe and you too will be repellent … .  Pickpockets will see that you’re well protected, and will go looking for easier prey.

Beginning next week, and for the next several, we’ll share one ingredient each week.  All ingredients are useful alone, but to maximize potency, you’ll need to mix them all together and slather them on thick.

See you back here next week.  Until then, Happy Trails!