Skooblevart’s Pickpocket Repellent

Preferably a dark one.  And towards the rear.

Remember the best way to defeat pickpockets:  Stop them from trying!  If you give a pickpocket any opening, and if the filch attempts to steal from you, they will almost always be successful.  Chances are they’ll be using your credit card before you finish your ice cream. 

Ingredient #8 is as easy as falling off the monkey bars.  Simply place your good stuff where the filch can’t see it.  Since pickpockets almost always approach from behind, the least visible location in your bag is, by default, as low and rearward as possible. 

The reason this ingredient is helpful comes down to one word.  Lastingness.  Interval.  Duration.  Time.   Pick any word you want.  Rummaging around in a satchel to feel for valuables, all the while taking care to avoid alerting the owner, is going to take time.  And time is the pickpocket’s greatest enemy. 

So abide by this rule of thumb.  Place your good stuff into its own security pocket if one is available, and also place it as low and rearward as possible.  The best recess you can find.  Then put something over the top so that no matter where the pickpocket is positioned, they can’t see their target.